x86dos - Bring advanced tools to DOS and DosBox


Have you ever wanted to use SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014 databases in DosBox? Or to run SQLite in DOS/DosBox? Here we have just that for you.

1. Enhanced DosBox SVN (V 0.74) with Named-pipe (SQL Server) and DBCS support

System requirement: Windows XP (SP3) or later

Download links:

This is an enhanced DosBox with two new features I have added to the official version: You may need to download Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (vcredist_x86.exe) from Microsoft for it to function correctly.

So what's the point to use my build instead of DosBox-x and Daum build? Here are some reasons:

2. SQLite for DOS, DosBox and DPMI (DPMI16 & DPMI32)

System requirement: MS-DOS (or compatible DOS), DosBox, 32 bit Windows

Download links of compiled binaries and source code:

Now you can run SQLite at pure DOS or DOS prompt of 32 bit Windows, though the database size it can handle is limited comparing with its Windows equivalent.

The SQLite 3.5.9 for DPMI binaries were built with Borland PowerPack for DOS in Borland C++ 4.52, and you will need a compatible DOS extender supports DPMI16 or DPMI32 to run them. There are too many DOS extenders out there can be used, here are some of them:

sqlite in DOS real mode sqlite in DOS protected mode (DPMI32)